In the Throats of Trees
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In the Throats of Trees
Sound installation with listening instructions, 2016

In the Throats of Trees is a sound installation, with accompanying booklet of listening instructions, exploring the “voices” of trees. The composition is built up of recordings the artist vocalizing with the sound of wind through the branches of five species of trees - larch, birch, pine, spruce, maple – making a dark forest of sound.

The listening instructions invite the audience to listen as trees. Trees operate in a completely different scale of time and movement than do humans -- what might we learn from them if we stopped to listen?

The piece operates from the premise that life – and survival -- in the age of the anthropocene will require a re-making of dominent human culture. In the Throat of Trees proposes a culture grounded in speculative listening to non-human, rooted voices of world around us.

Stereo audio documentation

Listening booklet text