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For Romantic Fantasy
Therianthropy Non (rien de rien) Torch Song

For Romantic Fantasy
8-channel sound installation for handmade speakers, 2009

Some Day, Stephanie Loveless

Contemporary Artists' Center, Troy NY, 2009

For Romantic Fantasy is a ten-minute, eight-channel sound piece made up of a collection of speakers embedded in large, handmade, black paper cones, standing on tripod legs, and emitting a chorus of female voices.  These voices are composed of my attempts to vocally replicate an increasingly time-stretched recording of the 1937 Walt Disney song “Some Day My Prince Will Come” (as sampled from a Hallmark audio greeting card).  One speaker plays my vocal replication, the next plays an attempt to replicate my own replication, and so on, creating a cascade of non-digital delays through seven generations of attempts and false starts.

Video documentation here

Stereo audio excerpt here